Guidance makes new changes

A student walks into the guidance office for advice wondering which counselor he should see.  Over the summer, the Guidance Department adopted a new system.

“We did add a new counselor,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, guidance counselor, said.  “We knew things were going to have to change anyway as far as who the counselling responsibilities went to.”

The new system involves two of the counselors, Mrs. Tracy Wilson and Mrs. Tanya Fenner, taking control of freshmen, sophomores and juniors while Mrs. Laug took the responsibility for all the senior questions.

“I think it’s the best thing for our students, and I think it’s the best thing that we’ve ever done,” Mrs. Fenner said.

With a new and improved system, some may expect the office to be less hectic.

“We’re busy, and I think people don’t really know what guidance counselors do, so it’s good for us to be busy,” Mrs. Fenner said.

While stress levels remain constant for the guidance counselors so far, they seem to put a positive spin to it.

“I think some of the changes that we’ve made I have a little more responsibility than I did last year just in our department, and so that comes with its own challenges,” Mrs. Laug said. “I really think it’s going well, and I feel like I’m in a good place right now.”

With the changes, the counselors were able to specialize, according to the class each would like to help.

“I would say I really enjoy it. I like working with seniors and students when they get to this phase,” Mrs. Laug said.

Some of the students are taking a liking to this new system as well.

“I feel if we went back to the old system, counselors would be involved with more issues with other students and wouldn’t provide as much help as they would with fewer issues on their plate,” senior Vyonna Truong said.  “I think it would make it easier because Laug has all of the information of the scholarships and the colleges and is only focusing on the seniors.”

As for the guidance counselors, the new changes look promising to them as for the future of GHS.

“We do think that it will be best for students.  We think that having someone who’s an expert in college applications and going straight into the career field or whatever it might be is what’s best for our students,” Mrs. Laug said.  “We also think that allowing our other two counselors, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Fenner, to really focus on direct student contact is best for students, too.”

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