Lights, Camera, Talent

The audience waits in anticipation as Melody Simms stands nervously behind the curtains. As the first act of the night, she walks across the empty stage to the microphone and astonishes the crowd.

Cabaret Night, hosted by the choir council took place on Sept. 6 and showcased 23 talented students and teachers.

The winners of the night were seniors Samantha Loudermilk and Rachel Turnbill, with an acrobatic piano act titled Between the Keys. The two performed a vocal and piano duet of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

“Last year, we did an acrobatic piano duet, and we wanted to amp it up this year. I looked online to find a duet that everyone would know, and everybody knows Lady Gaga. We learned it by ear because they didn’t have sheet music,” Turnbill said.
The duet learned the piece in less than a month.

“To learn the piece, it probably took about three weeks. We didn’t tell anyone beforehand about the tricks, and we were hopeful everyone would freak out, like they did last year,” Loudermilk said.

One of the most anticipated acts was a barbershop harmony group called PBisGood4U which consisted of juniors Haden Cain, Merrick Nichols and Jeffery Elsey and senior Chris Lee.

“Our act was a barbershop piece known as Old McDonald’s Deformed Farm. My expectations were just to sing, have fun and give the crowd a performance,” Nichols said.
Performers spent weeks perfecting their pieces up until the very last minute.

“We changed everything very often. We even had last minute changes 30 minutes before we went on,” Cain said.

Overall, it was an extremely exciting and successful night for every performer.
“Even if you make a little mistake, you can think, ‘Oh well, I had fun and I did my best so who cares?” Loudermilk said.

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