Seniors should not be allowed to leave during Power Hour

As an upperclassman, I have conflicted feelings about the idea of seniors being allowed to leave during Power Hour. I have come to realize that once people look past all the pros, they find that the cons outweigh the pros.

When I first heard of the idea of Power Hour I was intrigued to see how it would work out within our school.  I also started to develop one question: would seniors be allowed to leave the school during this time?  Part of this question stemmed from the fact that I am a senior, but I also felt that the seniors would be more responsible with this privilege.  When I first had that the definitive no for my question, I was discouraged, but to be honest, it is very logical for the school to say no to this question.

One of the most obvious reasons for saying no is for the safety of the students.  The last thing the school wants is a student getting abducted or worse.  An extent to that is the liability that comes with it.  If a student is liable to a school that approves him leaving during the school day to a possible dangerous situation, then the media will be all over that, and it would badly damage the reputation of the school in question.  Not only could that affect a student’s life, but it can also damage the education and privileges of the rest of the student body.

Another logical explanation is the multiple options for lunch already.  Truthfully, I would say that most of the senior class wants to leave during Power Hour for lunch.  Now, I know that not everyone is a fan of the food offered in the cafeteria, but there are alternatives.  One of the most common ones is bringing lunch to school.  While everyone likes their share of fast food, bringing lunch gives the safety of staying at school, while also giving you a choice of what you want to eat.

Loitering is another big thing that makes this privilege a con.  Not everyone in the senior class would be willing to use this privilege to its intent.  Some would end up sitting in their cars talking to their friends, and the administration could most likely do nothing about that because technically it is their privilege.  The only way to minimize this from happening is to ensure that students are going somewhere of importance, whether it be getting lunch or picking up something at their houses.

The biggest branch of this tree is the impact it would have on the students and the city.  The community is already used to students being in school from 7:30-2:30 each day.  If seniors would be allowed to leave during Power Hour, traffic would soon begin to rise in the city.  Some of the citizens in Greenwood need to get to their jobs at this time, and having more traffic would most definitely require changes in a citizen’s schedule.  The seniors themselves would also have many issues with this rule because it would require them to use more gas then they already do during the week, which also means spending more money.  Also, Power Hour is a one-hour block in the day.  If a student cannot get whatever they want done in that period, they will in turn be tardy to class leaving more room for Power Hour detentions in their schedules.  If they repeatedly make the same mistake they are going to end up spending a lot more time in the school.  In the end, I feel that seniors would rather spend their time at school without this privilege, then possibly suffer the drawbacks with it.

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