Students search for summer jobs

While many students hold jobs throughout the school year, the freedom of summer provides an opportunity for students to earn more money and gain more experience.

Freedom Springs Aquatics Park is a major provider of summer jobs for students, particularly swimmers. Lifeguard trained swimmers have the opportunity to spend their summers lifeguarding at the park.

“I’ve always wanted to be a lifeguard, especially since Freedom Springs opened. I just wasn’t old enough until this year. The best part was getting to meet new people. I met a lot of fun people at work,” junior Jake Johnson said.

Lifeguards also appreciate the responsibilities of the position and the importance of the figure they represent.

“I think that being able to have authority is a big part of it and also the fact that people trust you,” senior Jade Hensley said.

Some students prefer the cool indoors as their places of work. Many are employed at restaurants, either serving, cleaning, or cooking.

“I give people their food and bring them water and bus and wash tables,” junior Devon Bowman said, who spent her summer working at Vino Villa.

Summer jobs can become a second home to students as their availability opens and their hours increase.

“We get really busy during the summer, so that means I get to work more shifts. It’s really friendly and laid back; everybody is really nice. The environment is mainly why I love working there,” Bowman said.

Jobs like these offer opportunities for growth and promotion as well, and students who are motivated, hard workers may reap the benefits.

“I’m actually trying to get a supervisor position in the next two or three years,” Hensley said. “I’m going to continue to be a guard, and if the opportunity arises, I will try to be a supervisor.”

Some of these jobs are not just seasonal. Many students find they want to continue working throughout the school year and in the following years.

“I’d like to work at the restaurant until I graduate high school,” said Bowman, “The reason I like the job so much is because of the people I work with.”

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