Soccer tryouts delayed due to IHSAA rules

Life almost never goes as planned. The boys soccer team learned this lesson during recent tryouts.

Junior Cole Mahan said, “I was ready for tryouts, but when we got there, we learned that our tryouts were actually scheduled during an IHSAA moratorium. This meant that we were supposed to have tryouts without being able to touch a ball.”

Instead, the boys turned the would-be tryouts into practice and postponed official try-outs until school started the next week. Athletic director Rob Irwin explained why the tryouts needed to be rescheduled.

“The tryouts were accidentally scheduled during a dead week until we rescheduled,” Mr. Irwin said. “This meant that all sports could condition and work together, but they can’t touch a ball. This happened with all sports. Tennis couldn’t touch a racquet, and football couldn’t use a football in practice.”

Junior Jonathan Graber noted that not being able to touch a ball did not stop the soccer team from competing.

“We spent most of the first day running so our coach could see who was in shape and who the fastest guys were,” Graber said. “After that, we played games like capture the flag and ultimate Frisbee so he could see how we work together.”

Graber was enjoying a game of capture the flag when he fractured his wrist.

“I went to dive for the flag and accidentally punched Cole’s shin,” Graber said. “My wrist crumpled, and now it’s fractured. I’ll be cleared to play the first game, but I will still be in the cast. I’m excited to be able to play this year, even with a rough start.”

The team has people ready to step up.

“Yael Lugo looks like he will be a great player because he’s really quick,” Mahan said. “I’m also excited to see Hudson Welliver play this year because he knows the game so well. It really helps that they are younger guys, too.”

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