Principal wins runner-up

Sweat drips down his forehead, his eyes are strained, and with every last bit of his strength, Mr. Todd Garrison squeezes the udders of his unfortunate goat.

This summer, the 4-H Goat Club held a goat milking competition between six Johnson County principals; one was GHS’s very own Mr. Garrison.

“I have zero experience in milking goats or cows,” Mr. Garrison said.

The 4-H Goat Club had a plan of what they wanted from the Johnson County Fair.

“We wanted to educate the general public on the dairy goat industry and the importance of goat milk.  We also just wanted to educate on agriculture in general. As we know a large portion of Johnson County is removed from agriculture and may not be as knowledgeable,” Hannah Goeb, Johnson County 4-H Goat Club Leader said.

Members of the 4-H Goat Club were paired with principals to help coach them through the process.

“Last year, we had news personalities participate in the event.  We had a decent turnout but wanted to find something that would excite people of all ages.  We thought principals would not only appeal to the youth, but excite each community and foster school spirit,” Goeb said.

Each member of the 4-H Goat Club was able to assist each principal but only if the goat got too uneasy.

“The young man that helped me was fantastic, gave me some tips, and was very helpful,” Mr. Garrison said.

Mr. Garrison prepared by watching videos.

“I watched a couple of how-to videos on YouTube, and it really helped. Plus, the assistance of my 4-H partner helped,” he said.

The declared winner was Mr. Luke Skobel, principal of Indian Creek High School.

“I felt very proud and happy about him winning because I felt beforehand that he had a really good chance at winning with the amount of practice and time he had put into preparing for it,” Jenna Fenton, a junior at Indian Creek High School said. “I couldn’t go to the fair that day sadly for personal reasons, but I did hear about it the day of and I was staying caught up with him and his progress the whole way through.”

Even though the Johnson County principals were competing, they enjoyed themselves.

“It was really neat. I thought it was a great idea,” Mr. Garrison said. “For the whole county, it kind of put everybody into cheering for a certain school.”

Overall, the competition was a success.

“We were pleased with the event, felt we met our goals, and hope to continue it in the future,” Goeb said.

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