PowerHour creates brand new opportunities

Power Hour has provided an opportunity for students to have freedom they have not experienced before.

Mr. Craig Bruns, assistant principal, attended a principals‘ conference last fall with a presentation led by a former Principal of the Year. She offered an interesting idea called Power Hour. Then, both Mr. Bruns and Mrs. Karen Busch, assistant principal, traveled to see Power Hour at another high school.

“Mrs. Busch and I were afforded the opportunity to travel to this school system which was in Florida, and see it in action down there but also to talk to students and staff members about it,” Mr. Bruns said.

Mrs. Busch and Mr. Bruns agreed it would be a great idea to bring Power Hour to the table for GHS. The consensus for Power Hour is definitely positive.

“It’s a great break in the day to relax when I have all my work done,” sophomore Alexa Ashmore said.

Power Hour provides time to get work done. When students need help, they can go to their teachers and ask them during school hours instead of before or after school. It works better with the teachers’ and students’ schedules.

“The biggest benefit for me is building the capacity during the school day for students to have increased opportunities to work with teachers — whether that be for academic help or getting guidance from a counselor. It helps students get involved when they normally wouldn’t have time for it before or after school,” Mr. Bruns said.

Power Hour helps people who have busy schedules.

“I have less stress when I get home because I know I have my homework done, and I have time to work at my job,” sophomore Grace Czajkowski said.

This semester’s Power Hour is a test to see how students react with more freedom. Taking away Power Hour freedoms from individual students will help with school discipline.

“We’re hoping Power Hour will make people not to want to commit the act that got them the discipline. So if we remove their privilege of having this freedom, hopefully it will make students make better choices and better decisions,” Mr. Bruns said.

Mr. Bruns and Mrs. Busch are relying on students to make wise choices so that Power Hour will not cause problems within the building.

“The worry is whether students will make the right decisions when proposed with these new options? I don’t worry about if this will have a positive effect because we will do everything we can to give students every opportunity for it to have a positive, helpful effect.”

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