New coaches move in

A new era is emerging within Woodmen athletics.

Three new head coaches have been added to the GHS roster: The boys basketball’s new coach is Joe Bradburn, girls basketball’s is Bill Torgerson, and boys soccer added Dan Webber. The hiring process was simple for athletic director Rob Irwin.

“We had three administration spots and a teaching position available, and we just went from there,” Athletic Director Rob Irwin said. “I reached out to two of the coaches, and one of them came to us. The open teaching position made the process a little easier.”

Greenwood looks to evolve into a more competitive sports program starting this year. Irwin assured that the coaches added secure a solid future for their athletics.

“I know we have improved in a lot of our sports, and we can start competing hard this year for some conference and county championships,” Mr. Irwin said.

Perhaps the most prominent change of all the coaches was the new head boys basketball coach, Mr. Joe Bradburn. Coach Bradburn has previously coached at schools like Huntington North, Secina and Yorktown. Coach Bradburn is taking up the role that Mr. Bruce Hensley held for nearly three decades. Luckily, Bradburn is no rookie.

“There’s good skill, good talent, and that will hopefully kick things off pretty well,” Coach Bradburn said.” I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Greenwood Community, so those are elements that I’m just excited about getting involved with.”

Mr. Irwin said the team has the resources they need to compete, and according to Coach Bradburn, they have the talent as well.

“I see a lot of potential here at Greenwood, and I have high expectations for my team, especially when we get going more towards the season,” he said.

Practices and training will undergo significant change for the year. Different coaches means different coaching styles, and the new heads have plenty of intensity in store.

“Our new coaches are doing some different things in terms of working out,” lifting coach Brian Smiley said. “In just the short summer we had, they already have showed initiative in getting their players in the weight room and working to get better.”

Boys soccer has had three different coaches the past three years, but they are looking for something long-term. Coach Dan Webber has already changed the soccer program in a crucial way.

“The boys soccer coach did a great job this summer of getting all his players in here to lift and work out. It was a lot different than previous years where sometimes none of them showed,” Mr. Smiley said.

Girls basketball got a head start with its new coach Bill Torgerson, as they have gone to out-of-city camps and held practices most of the summer.

“The energy in the team was good last year, and I think that’s going to stay the same this year. Coach Torgerson knows what he’s doing, and it is going to be a good season,” junior Madison Cohoon said.

Overall, GHS athletics has a bright 2017-18 season ahead for all its sports, and fresh new coaches should spark the energy.

“I have high expectations of all our sports. They have the potential to do great things as long as they work hard and keep their head on straight,” Smiley said. “It’s going to be a great year.”


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