How to start the year off right

Students often believe that having one bad school year taints their entire high school career; however, it is simple to leave all the troubles of last school year behind and turn over a new leaf.

Although there are certain styles of learning for every person, homework is often helpful. Although homework can be annoying, it is a learning technique that many students find beneficial.

“I think that homework helps me better understand class material and what to expect to be on tests and quizzes, so I always complete all of my work,” sophomore Megan Johns, currently first in her class, said.

When it comes to the importance of completing assigned work, senior Isaac Welliver agreed.

“Doing the homework helps you understand the material better and figure out what you are not comfortable with yet, so I would recommend this strategy to most people,” senior Isaac Welliver, currently first in his class, said.

Homework is an essential piece in the learning process, which is why it is crucial to set time aside to complete it.

“On nights where I have less homework, it takes maybe an hour or two, but if the load is a little heavy, it can get up to three hours,” junior Cooper Kelly, currently first in his class, said.

Most successful students have at least one factor that drives them to want to be better. For some, it is rank. For others, it is solely for parents. But for many, it is for the future.

“It is important to me to be successful so that I have a lot of options and opportunities when I am older, including receiving an academic scholarship for the college of my choice,” Johns said.

Although learning can come easier to certain people, there are a number of actions that everyone can take in order to better their school educations.

“My advice for struggling students would be to cut out things that distract you from your school work and to get help from your teachers right when you notice that you are struggling,” Johns said.

Welliver also had advice for students who strive to be better.

“The Number One problem I have noticed with struggling students is that they are afraid to ask questions,” Welliver said. “I ask questions all the time about everything, often to an annoying degree to my friends. If you are confused, ask the teacher.”

Kelly also said that finding help is important.

“If you are struggling, find a teacher or peer to help, and if that still does not work, then stick to it. Look up stuff online because there is a resource out there that you can find,” Kelly said.



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