Greenwood High School gives incentive to cheer

Friday night football games can be an absolute blast, but students find that they are tired of shelling out the entry fee each week.

Because of this, the Athletic Department is making an effort to promote the All Sports Pass, a $25 pass that allows one student to attend all regular season home events. Plus, students who have passes, receive free t-shirts after they have attended 15 games, and prizes will be awarded during the games.

“We have had the $25 pass for as long as I have been here,” Athletic Director Rob Irwin said. “Kids didn’t really pay any attention to it.”

The result of this is lower game attendance and less school involvement from students and parents. To combat that, the Athletic Department is forming student groups to decide weekly themes and other aspects of the events. “This year, we are completely student-driven,” Mr. Irwin said.

A small group of students are making sure to promote school events, not just within the school but throughout the entire Greenwood community.

“Basically, what it’s all about is making our community more involved in the high school and bringing not only adults to sports events but kids, just trying to make our fan section bigger,” junior Lauren Battinau said.

Promoting school spirit in the community is a main goal of the group.

“We want other schools to know about just how we always have big student sections and how great our school chemistry is,” Battinau said.

Theme nights will continue to take place this season, and the Athletic Department is planning to promote them more. They also want to expand their audience beyond the bleachers as they work with the journalism program to livestream games with play-by-play student commentary.

“We’re trying to work with livestreaming our games as well,” Mr. Irwin said.


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