Friday Night Lights

Football might be the heartbeat of GHS. The school colors, the school stadium, even school moral can all tied to the Woodmen. With veteran players saying goodbye with graduation and fresh players coming in, the team has big aspirations for this season, including tonight’s game against Indian Creek.

With last week’s definitive win over Perry 34-7 even with Perry celebrating the opening of their first football stadium, has set the stage for the team to conquer Indian Creek.

“I think it will be a pretty good game,” senior Justin VanDyke, safety and wide receiver, said. “I think we should come out with a win. Our running game is really solid, and our passing game is also solid.”

While some may say the team could be at a loss with the absence of players who graduated in May, others are interested to see what turn the season will take with the newer additions.

“I think new is always different; sometimes is better sometimes it’s not,” Coach Mike Campbell said. “But we are always excited when we have new kids play.”

The coaches have high ambitions for this year’s team. One of the biggest is to conquer sectionals as well as the conference.

“One of the things we are definitely looking to do, as always, is to win the conference and be sectional champions,” Coach Rick Guipe said. “We have been second a couple of times in conference the last few years, and we have been runner up in the sectionals the last couple of years, so we want to break through both of those ceilings and see what we can do after that.”

With all of the changes the team is going through, it is tough to say how these new players will perform. With that being said, there are some players coaches are watching with interest.

“I am really excited about junior Dillon Cloyd. He’s come a long way in a very short time. Senior RJ Meyers really had a fantastic summer leading in to his senior year,” Coach Campbell said. “I am really excited to see those guys progress during the season.”

There are some preparations that need to be made to turn the newest players into Woodmen.

“What we need to get are young guys who we can trust enough to give them some playing time because we’ve got some folks going both ways,” Coach Guipe said.

The team is also looking forward to using some of the new players coming to the team.

“I think they will definitely help. They are young guys, but all of the other guys are teaching them, so I think they’ll help us a lot,” VanDyke said. “Luke Raker is going to be really good for us and Noah Dixon. Guys like that really help us win.”

At any rate, the road from new players to Woodmen can be long, but the newest additions to the team are ready for the trip.

“Football is a marathon, not a sprint, so you can’t base everything on one game or two games,” Coach Campbell said. “It’s a long, long go until you get to your final destination.”


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