Choir sings with Foreigner

For most, meeting a famous person would be a dream come true, let alone having the opportunity to sing at a concert with a famous band.

Vocal Jazz sang with Foreigner at Klipsh Music Center on Sunday. As the band travels, they allow a guest choir from each city to perform. To be chosen, the choir has to send in a video of a performance. Junior Megan McElyea was listening to the radio and with no thoughts of actually being chosen, sent in a video of Vocal Jazz. She got a call that they were chosen, and the choir room was filled with awe, excitement, and nerves.

“One of our current Rhapsody members heard about the contest to sing with Foreigner and thought it would be a great experience or all of us,” senior Rachel Clayborn said.

Foreinger is a British-American rock band, which is not a genre that come to mind when thinking of popular music among teens, but many of the coir members have been fans of the band and type of music for years. Clayborn has been listening to the band with her dad since childhood.

“I grew up listening to he band with my dad, so that made the experience even better,” Clayborn said.

Senior Rachel Turnbill has also followed the band before they had the opportunity to perform with them.

“I absolutely love Foreginer, and I always have. The experience was something I can’t even describe with words. It was breathtaking,” Loudermilk said.

Senior Samantha Loudermilk also expresses the love she had for the band before their guest performance.

“They are just such an iconic band, and having the opportunity to sing with them was something I will never forget,” Loudermilk said.

The singers attended the concert late Sunday night, but was said to be a good reason to be yawning the next Monday.

“The experience was not like anything else. A lot of what you see is phone lights, stage lights, and of course Foreigner. It was an overall great experience, especially with this group. We ae all on stage all the time, but I’m sure this stage will be the highlight for us all,” Clayborn said.


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