Cafeteria updates seating; installs computer system

Waiting in line on a Monday trying to get nachos, students have noticed new seating and a new computer system.

The lunch lines are slow due to the new computer system. In previous years, students typed in their lunch codes, and the computer saved all of them until a person paid. The new system limits how many people usethe system at a time.

“The new system is time-consuming because only one person at a time can insert their lunch number,” senior Jade Hensley said.

During the first week, students even started bringing their lunches due to the slow computer system and the number of students trying to get through the lunch lines during the same blocks of time.

“At the beginning, I thought it was a cool idea. Then, a lot of kids don’t get their lunch. Now, I bring my lunch. The new cafeteria system is slow, everything is slow, and the food doesn’t come out fast enough because of so many kids,” sophomore Christina Challman said.

There is negative feedback as students get used to the new lunch system, but cafeteria personnel hope that will change soon.

“I chose the new lunch system because the other one was outdated,” Ms. Cheryl Hargis, Food Service Director of Greenwood schools said. “Carmel and Fishers recommended the new system, and all of the Greenwood schools have the new system. People don’t like change, but I’m hoping it makes thing easier.”

Msr. Arleia Tuttle is in the trenches, working with the cafeteria situation every day. One change as recent as this week has been students purchasing waters with no food waiting to get into line so students buying food have time to get their lunches and eat them.

“It’s a little crazy, but I think it’ll be good. It’s still relatively new, but we’ll see how this goes,” Mrs. Tuttle said.

Power Hour is also new to Greenwood. Students have the opportunity to choose whether they would like to go to first or second lunch. With only two lunches this year, more seating was needed in the cafeteria. Approximately 175 new seats have been added to the cafeteria. In fact, the round tables previously on a senior eating area have been replaced by regular cafeteria tables available to all students. Additional seating has been added in the hallways near the cafeteria, too.

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