Top Ten Students

The academic fight is on as students compete against one another to rank within the top 10 students of the senior class.

Valedictorian Connor Hargett has had to work hard to rank first in the class.

“To become valedictorian, I got lucky,” Hargett said. “I was ranked fifth my freshman year, but two people ahead of me moved away, and I was able to get my grades up.”

Most of these students put a monstrous amount of effort into their school work, spending hours each day studying and completing assignments.

“For me, some subjects come easier than others,” senior Molly Jacobs said. “I’m not the type of person that can get good grades if I don’t study.”

For seniors William Wolf and Sarah Elliott, parts of school come naturally, yet they still spend a great deal of time keeping up their grades.

“I would say that part of my good grades come naturally, but if I only relied on that, I would never get the good grades that I do,” Elliott said. “I still have to study and work to get the grades that I have.”

Time management has been tough on students involved in activities outside of their school work.

“I have learned to manage my time well in order to get everything turned in on time and be ready for all of the quizzes and tests,” salutatorian Wolf said. “Coming home from either football or basketball practice every day limited the time I could spend on school work, but I eventually was able to balance out my schedule.”

Senior and drum major Alex Freriks had to work immensely to manage his time during the marching season in order to maintain his good grades.

“Being drum major required me to be very involved in the band program, so I often had to compensate for time here and there in order to ensure I did everything I needed to,” Freriks said. “Band has always been a way for me to develop time management skills, so I would not fall behind. There have been a few times when a few more hours in the day would have made other activities more possible to do, but academics usually didn’t interfere with activities.”

Students like Wolf, who wanted to be either salutatorian or valedictorian, were motivated. Jacobs thrives off goal setting.

“I am very self-motivated. At the beginning of my freshman year, I set a goal to be in the top 10 by my senior year,” Jacobs said. “I’m going to IUPUI to major in Social Work and minor in Spanish, and I received the highest academic scholarship they offer. So to me, it was all worth it. I developed a lot of good study habits and a work ethic that will help me in the future.”

Hard work and effort pay off in the end and will potentially lead to promising futures.

“All of my work was worth it in the end,” Elliott said. “I got into my school of choice easily. I also formed study habits that will help me excel in college. I’ve tried my hardest and pushed myself to be the best that I can be. I’m happy with how my academic career has gone so far.”

Although being ranked within the Top 10 students in a class is difficult, many students strive toward this great accomplishment each year; Elliott advises students on how to get there themselves.

“Practice your time management and studying, and always try your hardest,” Elliott said. “The grades you get reflect the effort you put into school.”


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