How to be a good guest at an open house

As soon as commencement is over students begin to celebrate with graduation open houses.

Crafting the perfect party is something that is hard to come by. I think the best graduation parties are those that are kept simple. A nice selection of meat followed by a plethora of sides is the ideal food choice for these parties. As an attendee of many open houses, I have found what it takes to be a good guest. Do not stay too long. Eat a polite amount. Do not follow around the graduate everywhere. Be nice and respectful to all guests. These are some simple tips to be a good guest and be respectful to the graduate. The graduate is going to be talking to over 100 different people in his or her time block so they do not need someone following them around the whole time unless they ask for it.

It is common courtesy to gift the graduate a simple monetary fund of $10-20 depending on your relationship with them. Graduation parties are very enjoyable for guests and are a celebration of the graduate’s high school accomplishments. There will typically be some pictures laid out for the guests to look through as well as any specific achievements the graduate decides he or she wants to be recognized by their guest.

Most graduation open houses have a buffet type of food choice with some desserts as well. It is respectful to eat a normal amount of food. It is not typically polite to walk in and eat a full dinner’s worth of food.

Overall, attending graduation open houses is a fun thing to do to celebrate friends and family. It is important to remain respectful and polite during these events. Although it is considered a party in some ways, guests should relax and enjoy a good time without going too crazy. Remember why you are there in the first place to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduate.

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