Summer concerts

Summer is right around the corner, which means summer concerts are beginning. Concerts are a way for students to bond with others while enjoying live entertainment.

“My favorite concerts to attend are at Klipsch Music Center and Banker’s Life. Many of my favorite artists are featured at these locations and are relatively close to me,” sophomore Lauren Battinau said.

Students who have attended multiple concerts at Klipsch have experienced many of the dos and don’ts of these events.

“If you are going to a concert at Klipsch and you have lawn tickets, get there as early as possible so you can be as close to the stage as you can,” freshman Macy Renfro said.

Attending these concerts alone can be a bit on the boring side for some, so going with friends will liven the experience for most.

“Definitely go with a big group of friends because it makes the experience so much more memorable,” sophomore Gabi Oaks said.

Parking is an issue with the number of people attending these concerts, causing a major backup when trying to exit at the end of the night.

“I would recommend, especially at Klipsch, to park somewhere that is not designated parking for the concert, but a local restaurant or shops. It is a long walk, but at the end of the night when you have to wait an hour to get out because of traffic, the walk will be worth it,” Battinau said.

If one is planning to attend multiple country concerts, the country mega ticket would be beneficial for. For approximately $300, one can attend every single country concert played at Klipsch this summer. This is beneficial for those attending multiple country concerts because it will result in saving hundreds of dollars.

“I plan to attend all of the country concerts I can. If I am in town, I’ll be there. My family will buy the country mega ticket. If there are any concerts we won’t be able to make it to, we will sell the tickets for that concert,” Renfro said.

There is quite a different atmosphere between country and rap concerts featured at this venue.

“At the rap concerts, you have people in sports jerseys jumping around and belting the lyrics at the top of their lungs. At the country concerts, most people are in their floral dresses and khakis singing and swaying to the music,” Battinau said.

Some concerts to look forward to this summer would be Sam Hunt on June 2, Future with Migos on June 3 and Florida Georgia Line on June 24.

“We look forward to attending Future, Luke Bryan, and Sam Hunt,” Battinau and Oaks said.

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