The Circle movie review

This year, actress Emma Watson starred in Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast.” The movie was a hit, though its success may have overshadowed Watson’s latest film.

The Circle” was a thoughtful film that showcased Watson, Tom Hanks and “Star Wars” star John Boyega in a genre of film they have not yet explored. “The Circle” was a Sci-Fi/thriller/drama which addressed a very real issue with technology today– just how much is too much?

The whole film was a work of art; all the little pieces melted together to make a beautiful, revolutionary work that really opens the minds of viewers to what society and government are capable of. The actual time period was never mentioned, despite the dystopian/utopian feel. This allowed for the movie to be more modern and real. What happened on-screen could be happening now or in 50 years.

The greatest thing about the movie, in my opinion, was how shockingly lifelike it was. Not only did the world seem real, but the characters and situations felt real as well. Emma Watson played a young customer service worker named Mae, who started out in a small company but managed to get an interview at a social media network called The Circle.

Mae went through stress, like any other person would, but what made her stand out was her passion for making the world be the best it could be. She devoted herself to her work and her family, but The Circle pushed her to become more involved in the community. Though Mae was uncomfortable in such an extroverted population, she worked hard and changed her attitude to become the best worker she could possibly be.

I loved Mae’s devotion to her society, and though I disliked how she brushed off her own personal life to document her whole life live to the world, I admired her courage and realistic but unique way of thinking. After being urged by her superiors, she became determined to become “transparent” in society, to never have any secrets or time alone. I was amazed by how well she took pressure and endless surveillance. Overall, society seemed rather accepting of this new technology taking flight, but there was still clear resistance for privacy and against revealing what should be confidential government information and meetings.

The ending took an almost neutral stance, which may seem unfulfilling for some viewers. I appreciated the ending, though, and would give an overall 7.5 out of 10 rating to “The Circle.” It is meant more for thoughtful audiences rather than those who seek mere entertainment from their films.  It was a bit predictable at times, but so are many real-world experiences. I commend “The Circle” for just how realistic and thoughtful it was.

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