Power Hour to replace homeroom in 2017-18

Homeroom is a thing of the past here at GHS.

Starting next year there will be a time for study and lunch all combined into one title, “Power Hour.” This Power Hour will consist of two lunch periods each thirty minute blocks. Any student can attend either lunch for thirty minutes, and then use the other time as a free period to visit teachers for help. Power Hour will be a daily occurrence unlike homeroom being only on Tuesdays.

“Based on what I have been told, this sounds like a good idea. Having a daily time where students can get help from teachers is always a positive thing,” Mr. Rich Perry said.

Having a time like this during the day can benefit everyone in some way. Depending on the student this time can be spent in a plethora of ways. Keeping up on grades can be tough as the year progresses and this is something that GHS is doing to help the students better themselves in struggling classes.

“The best thing that I see with Power Hour is that it takes pressure off of the higher level academic kids that are in so many rigorous classes. A potential worst thing I can see coming from this is the excess of freedom it gives students. I hope that they are mature enough to handle it,” Perry said.

Using this time period effectively will benefit students in many ways. A general consensus would agree that homeroom was not necessarily working well as a time to study. Power Hour will give students a daily study hall that allows them to recover from missed assignments and work to better their grades in classes.

“I think Power Hour will be nice for students to let them power down a little bit. They can choose when they need to get help and when they can relax more,” Perry said.

Homeroom versus Power Hour is not very comparable. Homeroom is only one day a week whereas Power Hour will be daily. Periods will be a little bit shorter than usual with this new schedule, but the benefits outweigh the cost.

“I think Power Hour will be a lot better than homeroom. I never really do much in homeroom so I am glad we are making this adjustment,” junior Lydia Delaney said.

Power hour will begin starting next year. If things go as planned power hour will be a GHS norm.

“It’s an experiment so we’ll see if the benefits outweigh the cost. If not then we will try something else,” said Perry.

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