Auditorium Renovations

An immense new sound shell, more comfortable seating, lighting with appealing new features, and a shiny new floor are all part of the summer renovations to the auditorium.

Renovations to the auditorium are already in progress. Mr. Tony Shea, stage director, is excited about the new lighting system.

“The whole lighting system is going to be changed over to LED lighting, which takes a lot less electricity” Mr. Shea said. “You can control colors a lot better, and there’s no heat on stage from these lights. Also, some of the wiring in the lighting is worn out. So, all around it is going to be a better system and easier to work with.”

A new sound shell is already in the process of being installed. The majority of the shell is already placed on the stage, and other pieces will be added as well.

“We are going to have a brand new sound shell, which is going to help bands and choirs sound great in the auditorium,” Mr. John Morse, band director, said. “We are excited about the whole process.”

A new floor will be added as well.

“I am looking forward to the new stage the most,” sophomore Tatiana Andrade said. “From choir to the musicals, that’s kind of like home. We walk back and forth on the stage and are there all the time. We will benefit because we can at last walk barefoot. Currently, it’s really splintery and there’s old wood, so they’re going to replace the wood. To be able to look at a beautiful new floor, is kind of like making renovations to your house. It’s something new that looks nice and you’re kind of proud of it. Also, we (choir members) actually got to see some of the carpet selections, and I don’t know which one they’re going with yet, but they’re all awesome. There’s probably going to be a nicer pit as well, for the band. The stage will be more pleasing to the eye. It’s not just for us, it’s for the audience as well.”

All new seating will be added to the auditorium, providing comfort and handicapped seating.

“A lot of things are outdated and not really up to code, like the seating,” Mr. Shea said. “We need more handicapped seating; we don’t have a lot of that right now.”

Overall, the renovations will provide multiple benefits to performers as well as to the audience.

“The space in the auditorium is awesome,” Mr. Morse said. “We have a great space, and nothing has been done to it really since it was built as far as major structural things. So, all these things are going to make it look better and sound better and be more useful.”

The school has already undergone multiple renovations. This will make for an up-to-date auditorium.

“The whole school is going through renovations,” Andrade said. “We just got a whole new athletic gym, for basically any sport, new plants outside, and a few other things. I feel like we are just updating everything, since Greenwood’s getting old. We just said, at some point, we needed to amp it up a little bit. Our auditorium is out-of-date, so we are just trying to give it a prettier look. This way, a lot more people will be able to enjoy performances in more comfortable chairs.”

The renovation process has already begun, as parts of the sound shell have been installed. Plans for the rest of the renovating are set for the summer.

“It is going to take us a while,” Mr. Shea said. “It will probably be an all-summer project, and we’ll probably be working on it a little bit even after students get back in the fall.”

Students, directors, audience members, and performers are all excitedly awaiting the upcoming renovations.

“I’m super stoked about this whole new auditorium, because it’s really old and needs to be updated,” Andrade said. “To have us be able to perform in it once it’s done, with band, choir, and the musicals and plays, is going to be great.”

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