13 Reasons Why review

13 Reasons why brings up big issues which most films and TV shows portray poorly or not enough. This show talks heavily on suicide, rape, bullying, depression and victim blaming. People try to romanticize these topics because of how hard they are to talk about, yet this show holds back nothing.

Mariah Brady, junior at Perry Meridian High School said “I honestly liked it. I feel that it expressed bullying, depression, and anxiety very well”.

A lot of students had favorite scenes or memorable moments. One particular moment had an impact on Luke Lett, junior at Warren Central High School. Lett thinks this show has shown an accurate representation of what happens when tragedy strikes a person.

“In the first episode where Clay looked over in class and still saw Hannah in her seat really took a toll on his mental state”.

In certain scenes that involved rape and suicide many people felt uncomfortable and some even had to look away. The show gave a very detailed image of what was going on and not everyone was able to handle how real it was getting. Tout thinks they were so honest that maybe it wasn’t a bad thing that it made her uncomfortable because it was opening your eyes to something important.

Sarah Tout, junior at Perry Meridian High School says “I found myself covering my eyes during these parts. I also found myself sitting alone in my room screaming at my TV because of how upset I was because of how honest all of this is.”

There’s been a lot of talk about how this show really opened up people’s eyes on these topics and how the littlest of things can matter to someone. So, I asked all three of these students if they felt that anyone would own up to what they’re saying and treat people as they should be treated.

“It’s a fad whether we want to admit it or not, it’ll affect people for a month and then people will stop talking about the show and stop caring”. Lett says. Lett was not the only one who thought this way. “I don’t think that a lot of people truly understood the meaning behind the show, they’re all about what’s hot and being able to get attention from it”. Tout said. As sad as it is, these are real problems and not many people seem to care enough to help try and solve them.

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