How to: make Mother’s Day perfect

As this Mother’s Day nears, it is important to keep in mind the sacrifices many moms make and how the littlest actions can make their day.

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Often times to mothers, the best gifts are the ones that are free. Gifts as simple as homemade cards can be more than enough for a mom. Putting thought into the gifts and being personal is the best way to celebrate moms.

Anything that enables mothers to relax can be great. A number of pampering items can be made easily. For example, hand scrubs require only sugar, olive oil and essential oil (any scent). Mix two cups of the sugar with a half of a cup of olive oil. Add 5 to 8 drops of essential oil. If needed, add either more sugar or olive oil to make the mixture balanced. Finally, put the scrub in a jar and give it to a mom.

Making home décor is also a good gift. A simple but thoughtful gift is a picture frame. There are many possibilities on how to decorate the frame, but the supplies are always the same: plain wooden frame, a photo, and creativity.

Mothers are often taken for granted and should be treated special every day; however, it is important to make Mother’s Day extra special for the women who do the most.

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