Today’s gadgets

Flooding the market today are little gadgets and doodads that supposedly help phones last longer, go farther and see more than they could ever before. In this swirling sea of cases, portable chargers and outer cameras, it is next to impossible to distinguish a good product from a bad product. Thankfully, there are a few tips and recommendations that can help the average person find a good-quality product.

A huge term these days is wireless. Also known as Bluetooth, this term gets thrown around a lot with headphones and speakers. There have been many accounts of injuries related to tripping over wires and getting tangled up in pesky cords. However, while these headphones do require charging, they usually feature a decent battery life.

Bluetooth does not always apply to headphones, though. Wireless speakers allow easy transport and setting up for a gig or party. One of the better brands of quality speakers are from Bose. For a higher price, it boasts features like up to 8 hours of playtime, voice assistance with connecting devices and a variety of colors.

“I have a good wireless speaker that I like,” junior Gordon Harman-Sayre said. “I can just connect to the speaker. It’s easy.”

While these wireless products may seem perfect, be sure to do research before buying. The price is a big indicator. A good pair of functioning wireless headphones may be worth more than a cheap pair that ends up breaking. For a higher price range, Beats has good wireless headphones and speakers. Also, smaller stores like Walmart and Amazon have decent wireless headphones for low prices.

Also be sure to check the reviews. Almost every site on the internet has them. They could provide some insight into what worked and did not work with a particular product. However, be sure to distinguish the substantial reviews from the crazy ones. A calm and detailed review will be of much better use than someone ranting in all caps.

“If I decide it’s a good product, I look at the reviews,” Harman-Sayre said. “The reasonable reviews help me make a reasonable decision.”

When it comes to waterproof products, be careful. Just because it says water resistant does not mean that it is waterproof. One of the better products for phones is a Lifeproof case. Although it is not fully waterproof, it is water resistant enough to take a call in a rainstorm. The case smooth, allowing for great durability without turning the phone into a brick with buttons. However, one of the most popular cases is from Otterbox. Featuring a set of three pieces, this case will help the phone survive from drop to drop.

“It has a top and bottom piece that clip together to protect my phone,” freshman Carly Brown said.

It is also important to pay attention to what everyone is buying. Look around in coffee shops, cafeterias, and malls. Try to find something that all phones seem to have, regardless of make or model. An excellent example of this is the Pop-Socket, which is a small extendable device that serves as a stand or hand grip. It can easily stick to the back of multiple devices, making it a favorable choice among teens all over the world.

With all of the new technology pouring into the market, it is pretty easy to get swept up in a product that seems to be perfect. This is not always the case. Pay attention to the reviews, price, and popularity of a product before buying into it.

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