What is happiness?

Happiness, it is something we all strive for but few truly achieve.

It is a complicated thing to understand happiness. Many people experience happiness for just fleeting moments at a time. Some are constantly happy, living in bliss in a world ruled by despair. Unhappiness or sadness is more common than happiness in this world. In spite of this, many things make people happy but at its core there is one thing that makes everyone happy.

Happiness is measured in the feeling in your chest that is experienced by many, recognized by most, and felt constantly by few Moments of pure happiness are one of the best feelings in the world. It’s the moments when

  • you are with a friend and you both laugh uncontrollably for no reason
  • someone is greeted at the door after a long day by an animal who is so uncontrollably happy to see his/her owner that he/she jumps into your lap
  • a little kid runs up and throws his/her arms around you and screams in glee
  • someone find something they did not even know they lost
  • Someone blasts your favorite song and dance around the house barefoot until they collapse laughing

Happiness is objective. It cannot be captured or contained. It cannot be sold or bought in its purest form. Happiness can only be experienced and for that it is one of the most valuable things in the world. Pure happiness has no price tag but is worth more than all the money in the world. The fleeting moments that make us feel like giddy kids laying on the lawn.   As cliché as it sounds, happiness is about the little things in life.

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