Academic team crushes competition

Every year the ultimate battles of the brains take hold, and this year GHS geared up to conquer the competition.

The Academic teams competed on Apr. 18 with the science, history, and English teams placing first, math and Interdisciplinary placing second, and Fine Arts placing third. The 1st place teams did not correctly answer enough questions to qualify for State, but many students were still satisfied with how they performed.

“We were all really pumped about placing first. We only missed qualifying by three points, so my goal next year as a team is to score even higher so we can make it to state,” sophomore Alyssa Stilley, history team member, said.

The theme this year was French Revolution, and the teams studied the important people from the war as well as the ideas and inventions of the period. The teams had two other invitationals, which gave them the opportunity to grow as teammates.

“Overall, the teams have gradually improved, especially with science and history. I felt like this was my best performance, as it should be, but there are always those ‘if only’ moments that haunt me after the competition,” junior Stacey Tam, science team member, said.

The competitions test the team members both intellectually and emotionally.

“I’m really nervous before my rounds as I’m going over my study materials, but once I get onto the stage, it goes away and turns to confidence. However, sometimes I get too excited, and I get a bit shaky and have to reread the questions,” Tam said.

The students are not the only ones who feel the pressure.

“I was both nervous and excited during the competition. I told them beforehand I would be proud with however they performed, but sometimes I would even do the problems myself to keep me from getting too worried,” math sponsor Mr. Christian Cruze said.



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