Spanish classes take Puerto Rico trip Spring Break 2018

Junior Stacey Tam looks onto the serene Puerto Rican sunset as she pulls out her camera.

The foreign language department will be taking a trip to Puerto Rico the first week of Spring Break next year. Seven students are planning to attend currently, but more still can apply.

Ms. Meghan Flanagan, Spanish teacher, plans to show her students the true experience of Puerto Rico.

“We’re going to a zip line tour of the rainforest, we’re going to the beach and on a snorkeling excursion, and we’ll do a lot of city and building touring. We’ve hit Puerto Rico pretty hard in Spanish 1 and 2, so I want them to be able to see the Spanish influence and colonialism that we talked about in class,” Ms. Flanagan said.

Some students are excited to go to a new country to experience a different culture.

“I’m planning on going because I can practice and use my Spanish in a whole new way. Also, I want to see how different the culture is and see all the sites that we have learned about in class,” Tam said.

Other students would like to go on the trip in order to get a better understanding of a different language.

“If I would go on the trip, it would force me to depend on my Spanish a lot more than normal. I’m currently in Spanish 4, so it could help me get a lot better at the language,” junior Megan Strait said.

Tam also said she can grow as a Spanish speaker from the trip.

“As a Spanish learner, I think it will be a good indicator of how much I actually know. I feel like I’ve learned the basics and have a good grasp on the language, but I’ll be forced and encouraged to speak Spanish a lot more,” Tam said.

The trip costs $2,200 including travel and hotel, which is cheaper than other vacations but still a hefty price. Some students plan to start saving ahead of time to pay for the trip.

“I plan on saving money from my part time job at my family’s restaurant. I’ll start saving soon and work my way until the trip comes,” Tam said.







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