Slip n’ Slide kickball for Drew

Although it is frowned upon to slide into first base in baseball, it is highly recommended to do so in slip ‘n slide kickball.

Service Learning hosted a slip ‘n slide kickball event on April 8. Students came out to play kickball, but instead of running the bases, they slid them. The diamond was made up of slip ‘n slides, and the bases were kiddy pools.

“My group members, Leah Moore, Gracie Larmore, Taylor Walker, Andrew Jorgensen, and I, hosted teams that signed up to compete, and all ages were welcome. The game consisted of pools filled with water for the bases, a long plastic tarp as the base lines, and a kickball,” junior Service Learning member Andy Pollert said.

The tournament was held at Freedom Park from 3-6pm. Team leaders were the members of the service learning group in charge of the project.

“Slip ‘n slide kickball was an event through service learning to get the students involved with the community of Greenwood and to raise money for March of Dimes,” junior Service Learning member Gracie Larmore said.

Service Learning promoted the event throughout the school by posting information on posters and bulletin boards. The event sparked interest in many students, and the members of the group reported their excitement of the outcome.

“We were encouraged by the amount of interest from our peers. We hung posters and talked to our classes and friends about signing up. We hoped for a large crowd,” Pollert said.

Larmore agreed.

“We expected a pretty good crowd to come out and play. It was a fun experience for sure,” Larmore said.

Not only did Service Learning host an event for students, but they also donated all proceeds of slip ‘n slide kickball to March of Dimes which is an organization to help new mothers and their children with birth defects. This slip ‘n slide event was dedicated to remembering the lost child of a Greenwood family.

“March of Dimes is an organization that helps prevent deaths in premature babies. This organization has helped and assisted many people in their attempt to grow their families. This event was dedicated to a very special little man named Drew Bass, who only lived a short time but brought so much love into this world. We hope that this was just the first of many Slip ‘N Slide for Drew celebrations,” Pollert said.

The event was in honor of Drew Bass, a lost premature baby of a Greenwood family. Mr. Bass, father of Drew, is a math teacher and baseball coach. The four other children in the Bass family attend Greenwood schools.

“Drew would be my 12- year-old brother who was born around 6 months earlier than he should have been. March of Dimes is an organization to help kids who have passed away from being born too early as well as their families. Slip n Slide kickball was to raise money for March of Dimes,” older brother of Drew, junior T.J. Bass.

The event was not only in honor of Drew. When the tournament ended, service learning members read names of children whose lives were affected in the same way.

“They didn’t do it only for him. The group used Drew’s name and others as an example of families affected and to dedicate the event in their names,” Bass said.

The names of these children were written on bouqets of balloons. Mary and Claire Bass, little sisters of Drew, counted to three, and the balloons were released into the air.

“We waited to do the balloon launch when the Bass family arrived,” Pollert said.

The tournament consisted of 3 teams.. Originally 4 teams signed up, but for fairness 2 teams combined.

“The championship was Benchwarmers against Balls to the Wall. Benchwarmers won in 5 innings 13-2,” Pollert said.

Benchwarmers, the name of the team made up of softball players, won the championship game. The teams celebrated their hard work by eating pulled pork and watermelon slices.

“Serive learning put together a tent of picnic food by dotations from local families and stores,” Larmore said.

Slip n’ Slide Kickball for Drew raised approximately $400 for the March of Dimes organization.

“We raised over $300. We don’t have the exact amount yet, but everything was a huge success,” Pollert said.

The event was fun and playful, but when the balloon lauch was taking place, a somber feeling took over. Though the competitiveness and light- hearted game of kickball created a laid back atmosphere, when names of lost and affected children were announced, tears were shed. The goal of Slip n’ Slide kickball was to raise awareness of deaths in premature babies, and participants became more aware of the issue through the event.

“It kept everyone humble and down to earth,” Pollert said.

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