Boys golf prepares for season

Fresh spring air, warm temperatures, and endless holes of one of the hardest sports on the planet are all things to be explored on the boys golf team.

The team, coached by Mr. Mike Young, will open against Danville. Golf is a sport designed for those who can keep mentally focused at all times as well as physically able to hit a golf ball upwards of 250 yards. This sport is difficult for most, and very few have the capacity to excel at a high level.

“Danville should be a pretty easy match to start the season. I am feeling pretty good about this upcoming season,” senior Hayden Borges-Hardesty said.

Staying focused during a golf match is hard for some, but for these veterans of the green, it becomes second nature. Through 18 holes, it is easy to be distracted and lose composure. The ones who are able to keep their mental aspects in check are the most successful.

“I try not to talk to anyone during the match. It is hard to not get mad when I have a bad shot or something does not go right, but you have to maintain that composure to be successful out there,” junior Eric Monkehaus said.

The golf team practices at Valle Vista golf course located in Greenwood. Practices consist of working on driving, chipping, putting and refining the little things that help golfers perform at their highest peak.

“Practices are usually fairly easy. Coach is a pretty cool guy so I enjoy practices for the most part,” senior Jaden Hornbeak said.

Golf is not a sport for those who are impatient. These men must remain calm and patient throughout the day on the course. When something goes wrong, they cannot panic.

“I am used to making sure I am focused on match days by now. My goals for the season is to make it to state with Eric and Jaden,” Borges-Hardesty said.


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