Credit Rescue gives students a second chance

Though Spring Break may only be a vacation for the majority of the school, for 140 students it was a second chance to pass some difficult classes.

Credit Rescue is a newer program designed to help students to earn credit for some of the classes they were just short of passing. By finally passing these classes, participating students will not need to retake them next year, and it could be the key to graduating high school for some.

Mrs. Karen Busch, assistant principal, said, “Our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to earn the credit from the last nine weeks. The student will have more one-on-one time with a teacher and, hopefully, learn the material that they could not get during the regular school day.”

Courses taken during the second semester of 2017 are eligible for credit rescue. Priority is given to the core classes— social studies, math, English and science— and students can rescue more than one credit. However, only one credit can be worked on at a time. Once a student has earned a D- grade for one class, he can move on to the next.

“It will not take the entire time. The student must spend at least 90 minutes in each course they are trying to rescue,” Mrs. Busch said, “but they can spend as much time as needed to complete the work the teacher has asked them to complete.”

Teachers will use information from PowerSchool accounts for students who did not pass their classes. These reports will include missing assignments, incomplete academic standards and other relevant information as to why they failed the classes. These reports will help give the credit rescue staff an idea of what each student must complete in order to pass.

“The kind of work done during credit rescue is totally up to the teacher. It can include tests, assignments, labs, research papers, presentations, book work and other related things,” Mrs. Busch said.

Credit rescue may take place during Spring Break, but for these 140 participating students, it is worth the hour and a half spent on certain days to save them from spending another year in the same classes.

Mrs. Busch said, “It’s a few days out of break. Credit rescue will take place from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Monday, March 20; Tuesday, March 21; Monday, March 27; Tuesday, March 28; and Wednesday, March 29.”

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