Light Up the Night

Have you wanted to show the policemen in your area appreciation for all their hard work in protecting you?

Here is a chance to honor those officers by a community walk held on May 5 from 7-10 p.m. This will take place beginning and ending at the Greenwood Police Station. Registration is $10 and includes a t-shirt, glow stick and meal provided by City Barbeque. Forms can be picked up at the offices of any Greenwood school and turned back in to those offices.

The Light Up the Night Police Walk is a community walk to support injured police officers and their families. “Support those who support us” is the slogan for this event ran by Service Learning students Chloe Mattison, Maddie Bright, Olivia Oschner and Shelby Buster.

“This idea was sparked off of an earlier walk for victims of domestic abuse held by a previous Service Learning class. It inspired us to do something to better the community in any way. Police officers have had a negative connotation on the media lately, and we wanted to have a positive event to support our officers,” Mattison said.

The event will consist of many activities, food, and a silent auction.

“The walk will be approximately one mile and end at the police station. Afterwards, there will be games, music and even a silent auction. The event is sponsored by City Barbeque so they will be providing meals after the walk. Ella’s Frozen Yogurt will be attending as well,” Bright said.

The event is open to everyone in hopes of getting surrounding schools and families involved with the police officers who are protecting them as well.

“We are working on making this event known all around the community by involving the mayor and many others high in authority to pass on the information as well as to help with planning the event so it runs flawlessly,” Bright said.

The police officers are trying to get involved to interact with those signing up as much as possible.

“The officers are going to be setting up a patrol car for children to sit in and take photos. They are also going to have some of their defense mechanisms displayed and help kids learn about safety,” Mattison said.

The goal of this project is to donate as much as possible to these police officers and to get many student programs involved.

“We have hopes of involving the band in the walk to play live music while they are marching in the walk. Sports teams are encouraged to join the walk in their uniforms to show this is an event ran by Greenwood and to show the support of our local police officers,” Bright said.

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