Cruisin’ through the Suds

The Suds drive in on 350 Market Plaza is the place to be in Greenwood on Saturday nights. More than 200 classic vintage cars show up from all around the state for a night of fun and good vibes.

The Suds, originally named Dog N’ Suds by May Davis, was built in 1957. It was purchased in 1965 by Paul Lewis, and then in 1983, the drive in dropped their franchise name and named it The Suds. It has opened and closed on numerous occasions, but recently in 2008, the drive in was purchased by The Suds Hot Rod Club and has been running ever since. The long historic drive in currently retains the same look, feel, and menues when it first opened back in the 1950’s. Car Craft magazine named The Suds as one of the top 5 best drive ins in the country. The Suds features a variety on its menu featuring burgers, onion rings, and root beer floats. What attracted business for The Suds was not only the food but the cars and their “cruise ins.”

“The cars are really cool to look at. There are so many cars to see and you get to meet the owners. It’s really interesting to see how they’ve maintained their cars,” sophomore Nick Wilham said.

The Suds has attracted thousands of visitors during some cruise ins. The Suds has helped attract business in Old Town Greenwood.

“During the Spring and Summer, we’re usually busy with so many people coming from The Suds car shows. Most of our business on the weekends comes from the drive ins,” senior Vivian Symkow, Jockamos worker, said.

Last year was the 60th anniversary of its opening. The Suds owner, John Wagner plans to open up the drive this month.

“I hope to see many new cars this year. I’m also looking forward to some good nights with friends and family,” senior Caleb Kuhn said

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