Mrs. Curl Expansion

Imagine customers enjoying food from their favorite, but currently seasonal, ice cream shop, Mrs. Curl, in the middle of winter. How is this possible? Plans for a better, expanded, and open year-round Mrs. Curl are underway.

This popular, little shop will undergo tremendous expansion within the upcoming months; the city wants outsiders to explore the rest of Greenwood after they satisfy their Mrs. Curl’ cravings.

“The present building is a maintenance nightmare,” Mr. John Cassin, owner, said. “We have to fix a lot of things, and we’ve just outgrown the building; there’s more people than we can handle. The city approached me about building a bigger store. The city’s next idea is to redo downtown, and since we are so popular, they said they would put the store on Main Street. That way people can get a better glimpse as they come into the city and maybe stop to see the other events going on. It’s going to be really nice.”

One of the most-anticipated components is the indoor seating. The plan is to host about 60 seats inside, allowing the shop to remain open all year.

“I am excited; I am happy that their business is growing, which is good for all the businesses in town,” Lauren Spencer, customer, said. “I will look forward to being able to sit inside when it’s snowing and eat ice cream. I really like the outdoor aspect, and I’m looking forward to it being inside as well.”

Not only will this benefit the customers, but employees are beyond excited with the anticipation of working year-round in a new environment.

“I’m very excited for the expansion because we will be open all year, and I won’t have Mrs. Curl’ cravings anymore,” Madeline Riley, employee, said. “It will benefit my coworkers and me because we will have more opportunities to work since the new store will be significantly bigger and open all year-round. John has also told us that there will be more opportunities to talk to customers during our shifts as well. I’m also excited because there will be more food added to the menu, like grilled cheese.”

The shop is tremendously popular, and currently lines tend to run around the building. With the expansion, this problem should be resolved.

“We have outgrown the building that we’re in,” Mr. Cassin said. “I know how long the lines can get in the summer, so hopefully we can cut all that down with a new building. We will be getting more windows to help with this. We have two now and will add another plus a pick-up window, which is the fourth.”

The shop is already booming with business. Customers crave the food and community-like aspect.

“I really like the environment, as it’s friendly,” Katherine Ader, customer, said. “There’s friendly employees, and it’s like a community. People come from all around.”

Mr. Cassin is hard-at-work and simply wants the public to enjoy the new shop as much as they do the current one.

“I just hope the public accepts it and enjoys it the way they do now,” Mr. Cassin said. “It’s probably the biggest thing since the end of dawn. We are really trying to do everything we can to finalize this.”

The plan is to begin the process of expansion in June 2017 and end around October; however, this is not set in stone, and plans may continue to change throughout the course of expansion.

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