Are Americans materialistic?

She parks her Bentley in the driveway of her mansion, and opens the golden door knob. Her Louis Vuittons click on her marble tile floors, and she hands her fur-lined coat to her butler before pouring herself a Mimosa for breakfast.

This, my fellow Americans, is what comes to a lot of our minds when we think of the perfect life. This is also why we end up fitting into the stereotype of being materialistic. Money has become the key ingredient to our happiness. With money, we can have the world; or at least, that is what our society is telling us. With the Bentley out front, we can drive our lives any direction we want it to go. Opening the golden door knob must be warmer than the metal one. Louis Vuittons symbolizes that we are walking a path of success. The fur-lined coat shields us from the coldness of the cold-hearted; and champagne is the only thing that can fill us up.

In the average American citizen’s eyes, rich people splashed on the front pages of magazines are at the top. In our minds, they are rich, successful, and happy just because they have their faces at the counter of the grocery store. We look at them and then look at our reflection and try to figure out how we can make that transformation.

We only see what is on the surface, and on the surface of the famous people are things. We see the expensive clothes they wear, but we do not see the problems they cover up with a $1,000 dollar dress. We see the overpriced car they drive, but we do not see the problems they are trying to drive away from. We see the events they attend and the glamourous lives they seem to lead, but we never know if they are even enjoying themselves.

What is so special about the fancy car anyway? Sure, I am pretty sure it has all sorts of fancy features and goes super-fast, but what is the point? Personally, I believe that a car that has a couple of scars and tells a good story is a better vehicle. And as for the fancy attire most women like to wear, what is the point of that? The only thing making these clothes so special is the brand name on the tag. Not to even mention that mansions are too big, I would never be able to find my family.

So, enjoy the orange juice; the champagne is not as good as it is cracked up to be.


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