Winter percussion performs at Franklin Central

The Winter Percussion donned their jackets and took the stage for their first highly anticipated performance of the season.

The group performed at Franklin Central on Feb. 18, placing fifth out of five participants. Some members expected this to happen but were still satisfied with their performance.

“This was our first competition, and everyone else had already competed once before, so I was content with us getting fifth. I think we all performed pretty well, and we can only go up from here,” junior Ronnie Gruhlke, tenor drummer, said.

The title for the show this year is “Moving Pictures at an Exhibition,” and the uniforms reflect the contrast between the serious and silly aspects of the show.

“The uniforms contrast the serious and silly because half of the jacket is black and professional looking, while the other is bright and colorful. Although the costumes made playing difficult at times, I think they were well designed, and I enjoyed wearing them,” junior Alex Vuong, marimbist, said.

Some members joined Winter Percussion to do what they love.

“I don’t usually get nervous before performances, and while I perform I get relaxed because I love to play; I always feel like I’m on Cloud 9,” junior Mark Ostermeier, snare drummer, said.

Winter Percussion can also give its members useful experience as musicians.

“I joined Winter Percussion because I want to do WGI, a professional indoor percussion group. It improves me as a band member because I never have an off-season, and I’m always challenged to learn new music and movement,” Ostermeier said.

Winter Percussion has Preliminaries on March 18 and State on April 1.

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