Musically talented at GHS


The theater program will perform “Into the Woods” on March 9, 10, and 11 in the auditorium. Musically-talented students look forward to this time of the year.

“What inspired me to be in the musical was that I love being with my friends and it is one of my favorite musicals that contains both humor and a good moral to the story,” junior, Allie Duncan, Sleeping Beauty said.

Other students were inspired to join because of older siblings.

“I have always loved music; my sister, who was a senior my freshman year, convinced me to join the musical with her, and I fell in love with it. I have now been in both “Crazy for You” and “The Music Man”. I hope I can get more confident and closer to the staff this year,” junior Rachel Clayborn, Jack’s Mother said.

Another common part of the play for is dancing.

“I want to improve upon my acting skills in this year’s musical. I love dancing so it motivated me to join the musical to be able to have a dancing part I will enjoy,” junior, Dayna Feller, Cinderella’s Mother, said.

When it comes time to try-outs, it is simple for some but stressful for others.

“Trying out for the musical is simple. You sign up for a time to have an audition, memorize a monologue and or song, and perform them in front of a panel of judges,” junior, Tanner Gipson, Jack said.

The plot of the musical is different than others performed in the past.

“The musical is basically a whole bunch of fairy tales that all come together. The main goal is to break a curse, and everyone is wanting a wish, but when they get their wishes, things start going wrong,” senior, Emirie Southwick, Cinderella said.

Many students were pleased with the parts they earned.

“I am without a doubt ecstatic about the part I got this year. Cinderella’s Stepmother is entertaining and different from characters I have played in the past. It is fun to play someone evil for a change,” junior, Mia Carrillo, Cinderella’s Stepmother said.


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