How To: Pack efficiently

In January and February, Spring Break plans are often the topic of conversations; however, packing for the trip is usually pushed to the side and done frantically at the last possible second.

Spring Break shopping is repeatedly one of the most important steps before leaving. What people do not think about is getting all of the clothes to fit into a suitcase. The first thing to do is plan an outfit for each day. People frequently over-pack, which causes many issues. Planning day by day is saves room but also enables people to be more organized on their trips.

It is also important to know what type of weather is at the destination. Before choosing clothes to bring, check to see what type of clothing will be needed. For example, if it is not going to be cold, do not bring warm clothing. Also, be sure to put large or heavy clothing near the bottom of the suitcase. It is best to do this because not only will it allow a base for other clothes but also because heavy clothing causes wrinkles.

It is critical to use packing space efficiently. For example, use the inside of shoes as storage. Also, tightly rolled shirts take up less space and will not be wrinkled. Folded clothes can also be used to divide the suitcase up into sections. Fragile items can be placed in the center among the clothes as a cushion, too. Finally, after all of the main clothes are packed, fill any small gaps with socks and small clothing items.

When preparing for a trip, especially when flying, it is key to pack lightly. Also, it is important to make time to pack instead of rushing right before leaving for the trip. Overall, the best way to ensure that packing is efficient is to have a plan.


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