The End of an Era

They say all great things come to an end, and after 28 years, Coach Bruce Hensley agrees.

For almost three decades Coach Hensley has been leading teams and forming boys into men on the court.

“Coach Hensley has always instilled discipline and accountability in the program. He’s impacted it not just on the court but helping instill core life values for the team,” senior, Adam Rapp captain said.

Assistant coach and former player Mario Buscemi saw him as more than just a coach.

“He’s basically been a father figure to me on and off the court. When I was a player, I always asked ‘Why is he so hard on me,’ and now that it’s all said and done, I know why. He was preparing me for the real world,” Buscemi said.

For 28 years the basketball program has not had to worry to about hiring a head coach. Current player Braydon Kincaid said Hensley’s coaching will carry on even though he is not on the sidelines.

“I think we will build off of Coach Hensley’s hardworking attitude and coaching style and carry it with us into next year,” Kincaid said.

A lot of people have been worrying what will happen to this program and current team Buscemi said the sky is the limit for Woodmen basketball.

“With the endless talent in the current junior class the program can only go up no matter the coach,” Buscemi said.

With an impressive 263 wins, fans may wonder why he plans to hang it up before his 300th win.

“I had a grandson last year, my son is playing college baseball and I feel like I have had to put family after coaching. Nowadays, basketball is a year round sport and I just want to be a family man,” Coach Hensley said.

Although he is known for his great basketball coaching, he enjoys being an encouraging and positive math teacher.

“When you talk about being a coach it is basically being a teacher, just in a different setting, so I will probably miss teaching the most,” Hensley said.

Senior Adam Rapp respects his hard working, never-give-up attitude.

“He has taught me everything will not always be easy and that sometimes you just have to fight harder to achieve what you want,” Rapp said.

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