Spring sports warming up


The opportunity to sit in tank tops and watch GHS’ best athletes compete is almost here. Spring sports are one their way.

The five spring sports give fans opportunities to support their school without freezing; these sports include baseball, softball, boys golf, girls tennis and track. All of these teams plan on making 2017 a great season.

“We may be lacking a few pitchers, but this season is going to be great if players can be flexible and play some positions they aren’t used to being at,” senior Dylan Rosado said. “We’re expecting to have a better outlook than last year. We lost a few strong players last year, but we also have many people stepping up.”

GHS’ baseball team is rumored to have quite a few star players.

“The best players to look for are Damon Maynard, Dylan Rosado, TJ Bass,” junior Jordan Leverette said. “Of course, there are more players that are just as great.”

Junior Alyssa Roscoe has a positive outlook for the girls tennis team.

“This year will definitely be different than last year,” Roscoe said. “Last year, we were almost all seniors, but this year we only have three players returning to varsity. It’s difficult to lose so many seniors, but Molly Jacobs, Maddie Bright, and I hope to help our team grow.”

Junior Maddie Bright is focused on the future.

“This year’s record probably won’t be as good as it has been in past years because we are a young team, but we have a lot of potential to do a lot of great things. We might even surprise ourselves with the outcome,” Bright said.

Junior Chris Ashmore is hopeful for improvements of the boys golf team.

“We’re hoping to make more improvements to our game this year,” Ashmore said. “I like how we’re trying to make ourselves better for the upcoming season.”

The GHS track team is full of potential, according to junior Nick Young.

“Last year, I broke my hand. I didn’t get to involve myself as much as I wanted to,” Young said. “This year, I and everyone else plans to stay healthy and give their all. Everyone has been working hard, and I like how our workout plan is different. I would love for our numbers to grow.”

The final spring sport should not be one to overlook. The girls softball team has been working hard.

“This year, we’re going to more together than last year,” sophomore Abbi Sheets said. “We plan on having no drama and communicating better. This should make our play better. We have a lot of freshmen coming up so it should be a lot of fun.”


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