Protesting the protesters

I respect every American citizen’s right to protest.

I do not respect the fact that people have been screaming they need change for years. Once this change comes, people throw a fit. These protesters were protesting Trump and the changes he is trying to make because they did not get their way.

Trump is getting a lot of hate from these protesters about his TRAVEL ban. This ban is not a Muslim ban. It does not target one religion; it targets multiple countries. These countries were not chosen randomly; Trump excluded these countries because they are the ones that cause the most problems for Americans. I’m not saying every person from these countries is a terrorist. That is the opposite of what I am saying. These countries are not terrorist countries; they simply home the most terrorist groups.

An American man is walking down the road and sees a homeless man begging for change. He doesn’t speak English, but the American man feels bad for the poor man. Would the American bring the homeless man into his house, feed him dinner, and let him sleep in the same house as his family? At the very least, the American would ask the poor man things such as where he came from and why he is homeless to if he is a safe person to have around. This is what Trump is doing right now. Trump is not banishing travel with these countries; he is simply fixing the leaks of the American government. It is hard to fix a leak with water still running.

Trump protesters are also against the fact that Trump wants to build a wall along the southern border of the United States. They say that it, along with the travel ban, is separating families. To this, Trump says, “People always talk about how illegal immigrant families are separated. They never talk about the Americans- forever separated from the ones they love. First, these families lost their loved ones, then they endured a system that rewarded these illegal immigrants.” What Trump means by this is that these people are illegally coming into the United States and causing problems, such as drugs and violence. By creating a wall, these immigrants have to go through border patrol instead of walking to some places of the border where there is not even a fence to separate the countries. I like to think about the wall this way: “People lock their doors at night because they love the people inside their houses. They don’t lock their doors to keep people out.”

All in all, I feel like the Trump protests are blown out of proportion and that most of the people protesting just want something to yell about. These changes can only help fellow Americans, and these protesters do not have solid reasons as to why they are fighting Trump. He is our president; he has not done anything to deserve the disapproval he is receiving. He is trying to make America great again.

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