Swim and dive plunge into Sectionals

The boys and girls swim and dive teams have started their survive and advance campaign as they head into Sectionals.

“I have improved mentally and physically through 100 percent hard work and determination in practice working with drill and fixing my strokes for my event,” senior Drew Pirtle said.

The Sectional consists of eight schools’ including Franklin, Whiteland and Center Grove. Preliminaries for the girls began last night.

“The Sectional is extremely competitive. My goal is to get the place I can possibly get and break my personal record,” senior Alec Schoreing said.

The swim team trains two times a day, once in the morning and after school.

“Preparing for Sectionals is really a season-long process. If you go in and train hard every day and take care of your body then the only thing you need is taper. In order to maintain the high level of physicality that is required at Sectionals, your body needs to be conditioned by fast, low yardage practices and eating healthy foods,” senior Ellie Miller said.

GHS’s diving program is led by junior Jade Hensley.

“I have worked so hard to improve not only on the skills needed for diving but I’ve also done a lot of strength training. I improved physically and mentally. Diving is a sport that has so much mental that goes into it. I have learned to go for dives even if they are hard and scary, and I have learned not to beat myself up and be proud of how hard I work,” Hensley said.

The girls finals’ is tomorrow morning, and the boys’ sectionals start Feb. 16.

“I feel really confident. Confidence is something that you need to have in diving. If you don’t go into it feeling confident, you won’t do well. I’m ready to take on this meet and have a good time doing it,” Hensley said.

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