Sonic restaurant review

Sonic, a fast food restaurant made famous by its car hop service, has finally come to Greenwood, setting up camp on Emerson Ave.

Though I am a self-proclaimed foodie, I had never eaten at Sonic, so as the chain opened their building in Greenwood, I studied the menu and planned out my order.

The parking lot was sectioned off with ordering stations set up like stalls and an additional drive thru going around the building. My friends and I parked next to one of the menus and found ourselves waiting for someone on the other end of the speaker to greet us.

Their options were unique in comparison to other fast food restaurants. Available on the menu were not only various burger meals but also chicken sandwiches and wraps, coneys and hot dogs. They also had mozzarella sticks, fries and tots to choose as sides, and I was surprised that they served breakfast all day.

It took a moment to realize that we had to press a button when we were ready to place our orders. The obvious meal choice for me was the Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger, plain with mayonnaise and ketchup packets. My mom, who was waiting at home, wanted me to grab a hot dog and mozzarella sticks for her.

We needed to wait a minute after pressing the button for someone to answer. Then, we waited about seven minutes for someone to come out to our car with our bags of food. We had the choice of paying with a card or cash, but I treated everyone and paid with cash. The most exciting part was seeing the server come out with a huge belt of change around her waist and a foot-long paper bag in her arms.

Since I paid for my boyfriend, my mom and myself, I ended up paying $19.75 for a burger meal, a burger entrée, a hot dog and mozzarella sticks. Considering how big the hot dogs and burgers were, it was a fair price to feed three people.

After taking our food, we decided to leave Sonic so I could get my mom’s food back home. I looked inside to make sure we got everything we ordered and was surprised to find inside the bag a long, open cardboard box that kept our food sectioned off and sturdy in the bag. I was a bit disappointed that they defaulted to putting lite mayonnaise in with my burger, but I could deal with it.

By the time we got home to eat, however, all of the food was cold, perhaps due in part to the fact that the server had to carry it from the building across the lot in the middle of winter. I was also disappointed that they had put only a couple short, thin slices of bacon on my bacon burger, and I could hardly taste it at all.

Perhaps the worst part of all, however, was that my meal did not agree with me. I was uncomfortable for the next hour or so after eating, and I was upset that the burger was not worth the wait.

Overall, I would say Sonic is a good place to go if willing to sit in the parking lot to eat, but the only truly unique thing I could find about Sonic was the way the food was served.

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