Teachers – pro or anti phones

Phones have become the center of many students’ social lives. Because they are so popular for staying in touch with others, they are seen as distractive in class to some teachers while others look at it as beneficial.

In English classrooms, there are many opportunities to turn papers in online. Teachers are beginning to take advantage of the technology available by distributing announcements through Canvas.

“My students use their devices to get on to assignments posted on Canvas, especially if the tablets in the classroom are not working,” Ms. Kelsey Emery, English teacher, said.

There are positives of using devices in class, but with those come the cons as well.

“I am okay with the use of devices in class for school work, but I do worry about distractions. I believe overall they are more of a distraction than beneficial,” Ms. Emery said.

Other teachers teach classes based on the use of technology. Mrs. Julia Reynolds teaches an Intro to Communications class fifth period. In this class, students make videos and projects.

“I think it is necessary to use phones for instant information in this class. Every student has a laptop they are able to work on as well as to obtain information and complete projects,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

There is controversy among teachers whether or not phones are distracting or beneficial. The main factor of distraction is social media and texting when students are supposed to be concentrating on school work.

“I think there needs to be a happy medium with the use of devices. Students need to be able to be trusted using their devices while not getting easily distracted and off task by wandering to other sites, texting or social media,” Ms. Meghan Flanagan, Spanish teacher, said.

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