Are movies the new book?

There has been many answers to this up-and-coming question: Are movies the new book? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, thanks to our modern and somewhat lazy society.

We have all had that one friend who, when mention of a book comes around, makes the ugly statement: I’ve seen the movie, but I never read the book. People flock to theaters instead of libraries for their next adventure, and frankly, I do not blame them. With a standard movie being 1 to 2 hours long with famous actors, explosions and mind-bending plots, a thick book just seems to be outdated. The term is instant gratification, which basically means that we want the best thing in the least amount of time, and since movies take only a couple of hours to watch, they are America’s go-to for entertainment.

I understand that the glitz, glamour and excitement of the movies have drawn viewers in, and that makes sense with all of the action and romance in the theaters. However, whatever happened to sitting down in a cozy spot and enjoying a good book? Believe it or not, there was a time when there were no movies to be watched. Books have been around much longer than television and cinema and with good reason. Today, when a movie can be put in a pocket and taken anywhere, a book puts less strain on the eyes and does not need to be charged.

Although movies do bring characters and plots from books to life, there is always one element or character that movies have almost but not quite achieved in portraying. This is because books can bring the reader to distant planets or even close to home in such intricate tapestries of words that the modern-day cinema cannot begin to define. Emotions seem to radiate from the pages when a great character is found. Although actors come close to this emotional plane, books can do it in an instant. Few people have time to join book clubs, but everyone seems to have time for a movie.



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