Casual gaming

Students have all delved into the magic, monster, and sometimes zombie-filled worlds of video games, but everyone must go upstairs, downstairs with cables, boxes and hefty screens to do so. Those days are over, and casual gaming, ushered in by the Gamepigeon app has begun.

In almost every game on the market, there is an element of action-packed suspense that leads the player into hours of gameplay. However, a new app called Gamepidgeon is bringing a new concept to gamers: a casual experience. Gamepidgeon is an iMessage gaming app, meaning that someone has to download the app, and then send it over as a text. There are a total of 18 games, ranging from word games to tank battles.

“It’s a really casual way to play with people,” junior Jeffery Gerber said. “You just have to send over a text, and you don’t even have to have a conversation. You just play.”

Someone might wonder how this app is any more casual than Flappy Bird, but Gamepidgeon is exploring a new social aspect of gaming. In every single game on the app, two people are required. For millions of players who have faced off in game after boring game against a computer, an actual human competitor is refreshing and delightfully challenging. Also, their games range from beautifully simple to the intricate and challenging. The most popular now is 8-ball pool, which almost every Gamepidgeon owner plays.

“8-ball is the quickest game to play,” sophomore Salin Abdulhadi said.

Other popular games include tanks, which is a simple game involving two tanks trying to hit each other through wind resistance and other obstacles. Another game is Knockout, which involves numerous moving penguins moved by either player to try to push enemy penguins off the screen. There are lots of games that appeal to lots of people who range from the hardcore gamers to the casual players, and this app appeals to all of them.

“It’s a solid app with good gameplay,” Gerber said.


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