Woodmen Athletics 2nd annual fish fry

Fishing poles have been filling the waters of Greenwood as the Fish Fry approaches.

The Woodmen Athletic Booster Club (WABC) will be hosting their annual Fish Fry fundraiser on Jan. 20,  right before the boy’s and girls’ basketball game. There will be all you can eat fish and tenderloin, served by the Greenwood athletes themselves.

“We have the athletes serve the fish, and we hire the fish fry service, Dan’s Fish Fry, out of Huntington Indiana and they come down. We serve fish and tenderloin and it’s all you can eat. It’s ten dollars for adults and eight dollars for kids, and with the purchase of a fish fry ticket you get one dollar off the girls and boys doubleheader that night,” assistant athletic director Mike Campbell said.

The fish fry is a great opportunity for the community to come closer together while supporting the athletic programs.

“The fish fry gets the public in and they get to see our athletes not just on the sports field, but they also get to interact with them in more of a social setting. It brings community members into our school and we get to show off kind of what we have here and the great facilities,” Campbell said.

The Fish Fry last year was a big success, but the athletic department is expecting a better turn out this year due to it being the second year.

“We’re hoping this year there is a lot more people considering last year was the first year,” athletic director Rob Irwin said.

The only difference from last year to this year is the tickets. Instead of a fourteen dollar ticket for the Fish Fry and the game, this year’s fish fry tickets will only give a dollar off to the game, but be four dollars less than they were last year.

“We changed the tickets, so the tickets are cheaper but they don’t incorporate the game,” athletic director Mr. Irwin said.

Purchasing a fish fry ticket will not only provide attendees with a wholesome meal and interaction with athletes, but also a large sense of gratitude from the athletes.

“The fish fry is so important to us athletes because it helps our athletic department get all of the equipment and things that our teams require. We’re hoping it will be as good of a turn out as it was last year,” sophomore Isaiah Drew said.

To purchase a ticket for the fish fry, ask a Greenwood athlete or visit Mrs. Swisher in the athletic office.

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