Trump swears in a good way

North Korea nukes, Ford jobs staying and new relations with Russia marked the start for President-Elect Donald Trump, who is being sworn into office as of noon today.

Since being officially declared the next president of the United States, Trump has already made big moves around the world. The most recent move has the possibility of sending the U.S. and Korea into a nuclear war, but there should be no need to worry as our military power is far more advanced than those of our enemies.

After months of anti-Trump rallies and constant protests, Trump’s inauguration still will happen. Although there probably will be protests, it simply will not change the fact that Trump is our next president. This was confirmed by the Electoral College on Jan. 6 after recounts and multiple objections within the final vote in Congress.

Senior Brayden Bronstrup is and has been a Trump supporter ever since the election began, and he is pretty excited to see a non-politician in office.

“I think the best part of his inauguration is going to see all the people who doubted him and told him he would never make it accept the presidency right in front of them,” Bronstrup said. “Beyond the scope of the inauguration, I am excited to see him run the country, especially since he has already followed through with a few campaign promises and he is not even in office yet.”

In one of his pre-election speeches, Trump said he was going to “win and win and win until there is no more winning to be done.” This has already seen light as he brought Carrier, a company that was leaving Indiana to create jobs in Mexico, back into the Hoosier state.

Although Trump has claimed to have saved Ford from moving their plant in Louisville, this is not the case, and this might be one of the flaws Trump is going to have through his four years as president. Trump claims to have saved the plant, when in actuality, the plant was not going to move. It was simply going to move their Lincoln MKC manufacturing to Mexico. This would not have caused a surge in unemployment, but Trump still claimed that he saved the entire plant from moving when it was only a small piece that would have had no impact on the job situation.

Whether or not protesters say “Trump is not my President” or some other radical or mocking phrase, the truth of the matter is that Trump is going to be President for the next four years and is going to either “Make America Great Again” or “Make America Worse.”

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