Wearable technology

Growing up, most students played games such as “spies” or even fanaticized about being James Bond. Ten years ago, those kids did not believe they could actually have his gadgets.

Smart watches are an up-and-coming product, but nearly all major tech companies– such as Apple, Samsung and Fitbit– have put their foot in the door by releasing watches that make regular analog watches seem insignificant.

“I love having an Apple Watch,” sophomore Naomi Olson said. “It’s great for tracking exercise and getting notified of everything that goes through my phone. Any time I get a text or call, I can answer it directly from my watch. It creates less of a distraction for me because I don’t have to bother finding my phone to respond.”

A smart watch is basically a phone on the wrist of the wearer. It can do almost everything a phone can do.

“Of course, the Gear 2 tells me the time,” sophomore Cole Mahan said. “But it also allows me to text and call, use apps, view photos, email, take my heart rate, and use a pedometer.”

While these watches may have many features, they can cost a pretty penny.

“My watch was $400, but I paid around $475 because I got an extra band and some insurance,” Olson said. “That insurance was pretty valuable because I shattered the screen. I’ve used this exact watch for about three years, though, and I highly recommend it.”

Mahan went with a less expensive version.

“I really only paid $200 for my Samsung Gear 2, I believe,” Mahan said. “It’s definitely a nice piece of technology for the price.”

While people are happy with their smart accessories, most do not feel that life is impossible without wearing their watches.

“I would say I use my phone about the same amount as I did before I bought the watch,” junior Nolan Feller said. “It’s not really a necessity to me, but it’s definitely cool to have and use.”


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