Surging Woodmen look for another Victory

Conner Battinau


Today the Woodmen take on the Hawks of Decatur Central looking to give the same beat down they did last year.

The Decatur Central Hawks are an athletic fast-paced team that looks to push the ball and play in-your-face defense.

”We will prepare for this team as we do every other team and have a great week of practice and try to take away what works for them,” junior, point guard, Braydon Kincaid said.

In order to beat the rival hawks tonight, each player will need to fill their roles well and show great effort.

“To help my team, I must let the game come to me and let my teammates set me up, and defensively just take charges and be aggressive and play in their face,” senior, Adam Rapp, captain, and power forward said.

Last year against Decatur Central the woodmen found themselves facing a 25- point deficit going into the second half, with a never-give-up mentality, they came back and won by four making this the fourth biggest comeback in IHSAA basketball history.

“This game was so thrilling to be a part of, and it turned our season around for the better it also showed us that we are never out of a game,” Rapp said.

Despite a rough 4-5, start the woodmen had a stunning 61-53 against the Whiteland Warriors. This win was impressive enough to earn the Woodmen a three-seed in the County tourney.

“We won that game on toughness and effort. We truly out played them and won, despite the talent they had in their lineup,” junior, shooting guard, Max Raker said.

How has this team turned what looked like just a bunch of talented players into a serious contender in the tournament?

“We started playing for each other rather than just seeing how much points we can get as individuals,” junior, small forward, Eric Moenkhaus said.

Although the woodmen have hit their stride playing together they aren’t the only ones that should get credit. Coach Bruce Hensley has taken these talented young athletes and has formed them into sound basketball players.

“We put trust in coach Hensley to put us in the right situations and gave us opportunities to execute,” Adam Rapp said.

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