How To: Stay in Shape

Body image has always been a frequently talked about topic when it comes to teenagers. Today’s society has generated young teens who think if people are not a certain weight, then that they are not fit. This claim is false because three types of body shapes actually exist.

The three shapes consist of ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Although they sound confusing, these different shapes are the backbones to all body types. The more known terms, like the hourglass figure or pear shape, fall within the three categories.

People who are ectomorphs are lean and long, but no matter how many hours they spend in the gym, they have difficulty building muscle.

Ectomorphs have quick metabolisms and process carbohydrates into energy extremely well. Although this is a good thing when it comes to food, it requires a certain workout style. Instead of stressing on cardio focused sessions, they have to pay attention to short, intense workouts.

Opposing ectomorphs are endomorphs. People who are endomorphs have high body fat and usually take on the name of pear-shaped.  Endomorphs have a tendency to store body fat, meaning that mindful eating is essential. Endomorphs have a slower metabolism and have a low tolerance for carbohydrate-rich foods. Unlike ectomorphs, cardio is crucial and should be a main focus for endomorphs.

The last body shape is a mesomorph. Mesomorphs have a high metabolism and are responsive to muscle cells. This means that they easily build up muscle. Since weight loss is not usually an issue, mesomorphs tend to get into bad eating and exercise patterns; these habits eventually catch up with them. Therefore, cardio and shaping exercises are important. Shaping exercises include hollow holds and planks.

Despite the fact that there are three distinct categories, it is important to realize that people can fall in between categories. No matter where people fall on the scale, it is crucial they are able to recognize where they are at in the body type spectrum. This is important to know because sometimes becoming more fit does not mean losing weight; being fit can mean the replacement of body fat with muscle mass.

Although a lot of work is put in to stay in shape, there are also small things that will make the process easier. One of the easiest things to do is to remain positive. This will not only make the process fun, but it will also be easier to get through. Staying in shape may seem easy, but there are always moments of struggle. Keeping a positive attitude through it all can make the rough times easier. Positive energy will only improve body health.

Having a daily routine is obviously the ideal, but in reality, things do not always work out. Many things in life are considered more important than exercise. For example, high school students’ main focus is obviously school. Therefore, people need to get creative. If there is no time in a schedule for working out, then try to take brisk, short walks when taking breaks from homework or studying. Also, some chores can burn calories. For example, both mopping and sweeping are a good source of cardio. In conclusion, take advantage of any type of exercise, no matter the length.

When focusing on how to stay fit, it is most important to consider the body type categories. This knowledge will not only help maintain a positive attitude, but it will also get rid of society’s idea that there is only one weight for every person.

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