Today’s technology

Many students have seen the long and sometimes violent lines at malls for the latest Samsung, Google or iPhone, and most students want one. The ultimate challenge, though, is choosing between the newest Google or Samsung phone versus another epic incarnation of the iPhone.

While other phones use innovative features like Samsung’s virtual reality experience or Moto’s numerous external accessories to lure in customers, Apple uses its artful interface instead of a huge number of features to appeal to the everyday person. For example, the iPhone’s Siri function makes the phone much more interactive, and the app store provides millions of apps and games that are only partially available on other phones.

“I’m staying with iPhone because I’ve always had an iPhone and it’s easy to use,” junior Elijah Thomas said.

However, with the new Moto or Samsung phones, users have opportunities to do more than just communication, and Apple is struggling to keep pace with just a complex interface and a huge fan base.

“To me, the new phones are interesting because new features would be nice to have,” freshman Jacob Houston said.

For example, the Samsung’s virtual reality feature brings the user into different worlds and environments, and the wireless charger takes out the need for pesky wires. Also, the Moto’s projector, speaker and powerful camera are catching the eyes of many customers. Another new competitor is the Pixel by Google, which provides a built in Google assistant, unlimited photo storage and a seven-hour battery life, which makes it a powerful opponent to the iPhone.

“I feel like some features appeal to people who want to do more with their phones than just texting or calling,” Houston said.

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