Greenwood High School Wrestling


By: Aaliyah McGowan, Taylor Watson, Emily Chatham, Peyton Newman.


“One, two, three… Pin!” yelled the ref in a tight match against Franklin.

Junior Noah Jackson is a member of the wrestling team.

There are many hard aspects of wrestling.

“In my opinion, the hardest aspect of wrestling is cutting weight because you either have to go up a weight class which will make the competition harder or you can go down a weight class, but it is very hard to lose weight because you have to eat,” Jackson said.

Mr. Jay Yates, head coach of the wrestling team, starts training early to prepare for the winter season.

“Right now we are doing preseason workouts, for three days a week and have gone to preseason tournaments, too. A normal practice would be running, wrestling, and then lifting,” Yates said.

Wrestling is a challenging sport because of the balance and good position that wrestlers have to have.

“My biggest challenge in meets was doing the actual moves. I just wanted to get the kid down, but I wouldn’t do what we practiced,” freshman Sam Bass said.

In every sport, there is always a main rival.

“We came one point away from beating Franklin last year at county, and they also beat us at conference too. So we are definitely looking to win county and conference this year, Franklin will be one of the main competitors for us,” said Yates.

The wrestling program is only getting bigger. The program has many different types of coaching styles and coaches

“Since I’ve been in the Greenwood Corporation, the Greenwood wrestling program has had several coaches. All of the coaches, Mike Smitsman, Brian Smiley, Chris Campbell, and now Jay Yates, have had different coaching styles. All of their different styles, have made a huge impact on the wrestler’s lives in the past, present, and the future. Jay Yates is building a program from the bottom to the top, with the help of the Greenwood Wrestling Club coach, Jimmy Gray and the Greenwood Middle School coaches, Chris Campbell, and myself,” William Watson said.

Wrestling teaches athletes lessons not only for the sport but for life itself. It makes wrestlers stronger as people, mentally and physically.

“I love how wrestling gives you a way to push yourself in new ways and get a stronger mentality on life,” Jackson said.

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